Nakalema Grace

My Name is Nakalema Grace -aka- Nakline Grace a media Practitioner (Radio & Television Presenter, News anchor, & Reporter) and the CEO of Life Touch Foundation Uganda.

I joined UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass communication in 2014. After searching through a number of journalism school in the country, was informed about UMCAT, and indeed it’s an extraordinarily institution.

I applied, got admitted and begun studies and like every strong ambitious person you can think of in the world, very competent, visionary, assertive and weighed highly in confidence to take me in any place by then.

Before the end of First trimester, I was among the best presentable ladies every person desired to associate with, which earned me so much respect and fame from both teachers and students.

My intelligence was another additional skill I applied whenever at school which attracted my teachers by then to become the very close friends that recommended me in places of media houses and also shared with me different beneficial contacts.

I had a very good skill of making contacts and relationships and that highly established my everyday goals that were effective and in a short while, I met with media managers, producers, presenters among other groups at UMCAT that were very positive with my personality (The elite Queen) it was a common phrase used to explain my personality and we’ll being which almost created a desired pressure for many people to meet me.

By the end of year one I earned myself the very first paying job in media at Radio ABC for a Mid-morning show called inspirations that aired every week from Monday to Friday.

I was eloquent, gathered a lot of experience in radio presentation and production.

Besides the ABC Radio job, I am also a News Reporter at Kingdom Television and all I can say is that “the Sky is the Limit”.

Today I stand as one of the best reliable media practitioners and resourceful in all aspects of media and all this Started at UMCAT School of Journalism and I conk sure that it’s not if I had not Joined this mighty School, definitely I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“UMCAT, Professionalism for Development Indeed”


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