UMCAT School of Journalism and mass Communication on Monday conducted the 2019/20 student guild elections.

The hotly contested battle was mainly in four slots of Guild President, Vice Guild, Guild Speaker and General Secretary.

By the closure of business, Guild Electoral Commission chairperson Aliganyira Joshua, declared Edger David Kagimu as the new student head of Uganda’s leading Journalism institution.

“Though the election has not been so easy, but I thank God it has been a free and fair election.” Aliganyira said after revealing results detailed as below.

Guild President

Edgar David Kagimu 62.1% – Kaweesi Israel (I.K) 37.8%

Vice Guild president

Nanyondo Susan 59.3% – Kasalirwe Whitney 40.7%

Guild Speaker

Sulaiman 63.2% – Tito Alex 36.8%

Guild Secretary

Kinalwa Whitney 61.2% –  Veronica 38.8%

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