Earlier today, we were delighted to host Mrs Kidzeeyuf Delphine, one of our proud products, class of 1997.

Kidzeeyuf is one of the pioneer students who joined UMCAT months after we had opened our Kampala Center and 21 years later she has a story to tell about an institute that started with a three roomed house but now in the process of becoming a degree awarding School.

She is a mother of 4 and currently working with the Journalism department at Université de Dschang, one of the leading public universities in Cameroon.

We shared light moments bringing back the golden memories to life.

Kidzeeyuf promised to come back in 2021 to join the rest of alumni as we shall be celebrating our silver Jubilee.

This session was attended by the Student Guild Council representatives, the Deputy Academic registrar Mr. Gilbert Emuton, Principal Mr. Watendwa Godfrey and the Director Mr. Charles Ogwel.

Speaking during the session Mr. Ogwel praised Kidzeeyuf’s decision to board a flight from Cameroon to UMCAT in a bid to pay a courtesy call as a sign of love and patriotism.

He implored more old students to also spare some time and occasionally meet with the continuing students so that they can get inspiration from their career experiences.

From 1996, UMCAT has been producing media personalities in different disciplines of Broadcast, Online, Print and Public Relations.

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